About Maple Leaves Forever

Maple Leaves Forever Foundation (MLF) is a charitable foundation that advocates and supports the planting of Native Canadian Maples in increasing numbers across the rural and urban landscape of southern Ontario.

Maple Leaves Forever also owns a professionally managed, sustainably renewable woodlot certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

What we do

Maple Leaves Forever helps connect people interested in planting native maples with our network of Nursery Partners that grow Native Canadian Maples (trees grown locally from seed of known genetic sources).

MLF currently offers a Thank-You Rebate for eligible purchases of Native Canadian Maple trees to be planted along rural roadsides, lane ways, property boundaries and hedgerows. We also provide information and guidance regarding the planting and ongoing care of these trees.

By working with seed collectors and private tree nurseries, we help ensure that a supply of certified, native, seed-zone specific sugar, red and silver maple seedlings are available to be grown into saplings and trees.

We are committed to increasing the levels of maple trees being planted. This means building relationships with an increasing number of nurseries to ensure the reliable supply of native Canadian Maple seedlings and larger stock is available for planting projects submitted by municipalities, planting agencies and landowners on an annually reoccurring basis.

We  form partnerships with local, regional and provincial tree planting organizations in southern Ontario. These groups include Landscape Ontario, Forests Ontario, Conservation Authorities, municipalities, consultants, volunteer groups and individual landowners.

What We Don’t Do

Maple Leaves Forever does not own or operate a tree nursery. We do not purchase, sell, make available or donate Native Maple saplings or trees directly to any organization or landowner.

Maple Leaves Forever does not directly engage in the planting of Native Maples.

Maple Leaves Forever does not endorse or offer a rebate to applicants inquiring about field planting maple seedlings and discourages the planting of two and three year old Native Maple seedlings directly into open field conditions.

Who We Are

Ken Jewett, Founder

Ken Jewett with his friend Amy

Ken Jewett with Amy

Ken started in business with the Abitibi Paper Company in 1950. In 1958, he pursued an interest in cooking into a study of the frozen prepared food market. At age forty (in 1970), he left Abitibi and spent the next year arranging financing and equipping a plant for a new business called Marsan Foods. Marsan produces frozen meals for supermarket chains, restaurant chains and the health care field and was a winner in competition across Canada as one of “The 50 Best Managed Companies“ in 2005 and 2008, earning “Platinum” status in 2012 & 2013.

Jewett started community work as an Assistant Scoutmaster. He had a farm in the Brooklin area where he planted thousands of trees and opened the property for Scout camping. He was a former Director of the Toronto Advertising and Sales Club. Ken was a Big Brother and is an Honorary Life Director of Big Brothers. This was a ten-year involvement. Ken was Past President of the Canadian Food Service Executives Association. He served as Chairman of the Committee of Convocation at Trinity College School in Port Hope as well as serving on the Board of Governors. He owned East Bay Marina on Lake Muskoka and served as a Director of the Muskoka Lakes Ratepayers Association and is also a member of “The American Association of Therapeutic Humor”.

Ken is a Certified Seed Collector (No.195) and was a Trustee of the Trees Ontario Foundation from 2002 until 2007. He also served on Trees Ontario (now Forests Ontario) Board of Directors. Ken founded of Maple Leaves Forever in 1997 and formalized its establishment in 2000. He is married to Edith Jewett. They have two sons and one daughter.