Planting and Caring for your Maples

It is an important part of our mission to share information about the planting, care and life cycle of the Native Canadian Maple.

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Maple Care & Planting Calendar – Month-by-Month >

Selecting and Planting Your Maple Trees:

Planting Container Grown Native Maples >

Planning for tree planting >

Planting trees around powerlines >

What type of tree is best for me? (nursery stock) >

Handling, transportation and storage of trees to reduce stress >

Caring for Your Maple Trees:

Caring for recently planted trees >

Watering young maples >

Pruning >

Tree Guards
Tree Guards [PDF]

Mulching >

Collecting Sugar Maple Seed - READ
Collecting Sugar Maple Seed >

Planting & Caring for Tree Seedlings:

Tree Planting, Storage and Transportation
Planting & Caring for Tree Seedlings >